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June 2018

Thinking Errors and Business: Negativity Bias – Part 1

The human mind is hard-wired for survival. That is good… but it can also be bad for us. This neurological wiring includes hidden biases that deeply affect every person’s perceptions and behavior. One such thinking error is Negativity Bias. Negativity Bias can be particularly harmful to business. So, what is Negativity Bias and in what ways does it hurt business? Read More. Continue reading

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How to Decrease Decision Fatigue

The average person makes 35,000 decisions every day. It’s exhausting! More importantly, the quality of those decisions deteriorates the more decisions are made in a day. That’s right… making good decisions affects the ability to make more good decisions. Toward the end of an eight or 10-hour workday, a person is likely to make a larger number of irrational decisions. It’s called Decision Fatigue. Those irrational decisions can have a profound effect on business. But there are ways to decrease Decision Fatigue. Continue reading

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Self-Confidence and the Goldilocks Effect

If productivity is fire, then self-confidence is the matchstick that ignites that fire. In business, self-confidence is the lifeblood of sales professionals, a key characteristic of leaders and managers, and a crucial trait for entrepreneurs raising capital, negotiating deals and prompting productivity. But lack of self-confidence is BAD. And over-confidence is WORSE. The goal is to achieve a level of self-confidence that’s just right. Here’s how to achieve self-confidence that spurs success! Continue reading

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Ten Tips for Tackling Your Mountain, Part 2

Need to climb a metaphorical mountain in your professional or personal life? Scaling to the places where few dare to go can be unspeakably hard. Rocky terrain. Unpredictable conditions. Unclear paths. Exhausting demands. Stress. Mental fatigue. Who better than the world’s premier mountain climbers to advise on how to do it best?
Here’s how to face your biggest challenges from the world’s top mountaineers! Continue reading

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