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September 2018

To Develop the Most Successful Business, Embrace Kaizen – Part 1

There’s an old saying that “you don’t have to be sick to get better.” This idea of “getting better” has been embraced by many Japanese businesses over the last 70 years. They call it Kaizen. By embracing Kaizen, Toyota was transformed into and has remained the number one automobile manufacturer on earth with a market cap of $214 Billion as of May 2018. And, Kaizen is not just for manufacturers! The Kaizen philosophy works in any business or industry. It even works as a personal philosophy.

Just what is Kaizen and how does it transform a little-known company into the most successful it can be? Continue reading

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The Butterfly Effect on Business, Part 2

Line up a row of evenly-spaced dominos and tap the first one. It will hit the next one, which will then hit the next one, and so on. But, there are times when tapping a single domino doesn’t just topple the dominos in the row. It can have much larger impact. Dubbed the Butterfly Effect, this says even the tiniest action can have a profound effect. And it happens even in business. Here are two examples of the Butterfly Effect and some tips on how to manage business decisions and changes because of it. Continue reading

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