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October 2018

Why Many Overachievers, Rising Stars and Go Getters feel like Imposters

Ever feel like your success is a product of luck or chance rather than talent or skill? Do you secretly think you’re really just a fraud or that you’re just not that good? Or have you ever met a person who is brilliant but doesn’t know it? Ever tried to compliment a colleague who could not accept credit or praise? That’s not modesty or even false modesty. For many super successful people, this is Imposter Syndrome.
What is Imposter Syndrome and who is most vulnerable to it? What causes it and is there a way to overcome it? Continue reading

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To Develop the Most Successful Business, Embrace Kaizen – Part 2

Kaizen – the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement – was adopted by car manufacturer Toyota, propelling it to become the number one car manufacturer in the world. But Kaizen is effective for helping more than just car manufacturing companies. Kaizen is an approach to business that has helped improve businesses in many industries.
See how Kaizen helped transform companies across a series of sectors into the most successful they can be! Continue reading

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