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January 2019

Analysis Paralysis: When Decision-Making Gets Stuck and How to Get Unstuck

Every day, a child makes about 3,000 decisions and an adult makes about 35,000 decisions. Most are ‘remotely conscious’ decisions about insignificant things. But some decisions really matter. As a person’s level of responsibility rises, so does the weight and volume of decisions. In business, leaders and managers must be able to assess a situation and make a sound decision quickly. But most everyone has situations where they get stuck and can’t decide due to overthinking. That’s analysis paralysis and it is quicksand for decision-making. Here’s why it happens and what to do to get “unstuck.” Continue reading

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Why Resolutions Fail 90% of the Time, Part 2

2019 has begun and resolutions are rampant. Did you resolve to do better and be better? And how many of those resolutions have already been discarded, swept away with the confetti? Resolutions often fail because people try to go it alone, set too many precursors to starting, or create goals that are too lofty and/or expensive. Those are common mistakes but there are other obstacles as well. Don’t let these common mistakes trip up your goals for 2019! Continue reading

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