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May 2019

Stay in Your Lane, Part 2

In many businesses, evaluating the quality, quantity, or speed of work product is subjective. Often work is evaluated by coworkers and stakeholders who can be fickle and capricious with their assessments. And, in cases where complex or technical decisions or judgments must be made that require expertise, not everyone is qualified to make such pronouncements. It is important for organizations to be clear about what each person is responsible to do and who has the skills and expertise to evaluate work product. Here are some guidelines to ensure each person in an organization stays in their lane. Continue reading

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Stay in Your Lane, Part 1

When an organization or individual fails to respect boundaries and follow rules, there can be consequences great and small. It can affect not only the immediate situation, but it can have broader unintended consequences for an industry or even the public at large. Here is why it is important to respect boundaries, follow the rules and stay in your lane when doing business. Continue reading

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Making the Most of LinkedIn – Part 2

Jeff Wiener, LinkedIn’s CEO, has said his goal is for LinkedIn to have 3 Billion users, become the home of all working professional across the world, and be the central hub for every job posting across an estimated 70 million companies worldwide. This goal is probably achievable. LinkedIn is already the most used social media platform among Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. So it is wise to learn how to make the most of this growing platform. There are things professionals should do… and then there are things smart professionals should NOT DO on LinkedIn. Continue reading

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Making the Most of LinkedIn – Part 1

LinkedIn has emerged as the leading social media site for professional connection in the U.S. and around the world. Whereas a decade ago, many viewed LinkedIn as a place to post career information — something of an online Resume — today it is a site where 610 million users go for professional presence, connection, communication, advice, education, references and more. But the vast majority are only scratching the surface of LinkedIn for their business efforts and career success, and too many don’t understand the dos and don’ts of using LinkedIn. Are you using it wisely? Continue reading

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