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June 2019

Building a Team with Depth and Backup Support

Businesses rely on employees to make things happen. So, a business is only as good as its people. However, even an organization with a solid slate of masterminds and top producers is not guaranteed to thrive and succeed year after year. That’s because people – unlike robots – get sick, have accidents, change jobs, move, or retire. A stellar company with a cracker-jack team can suddenly lose several superstars and find itself hobbled. Just ask the Golden State Warriors. So how does a company protect itself from instability due to employee losses? Continue reading

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The Biggest Driving Force is a Hunger to Succeed

Companies look at a variety of factors when hiring staff. Skills. College degrees. Certifications. Experience. Test scores. Expertise. Positive attitude. Integrity. But, most companies will put a higher value on one trait above the rest. Which trait that is varies from company to company. For example, Southwest Airlines — a lost-cost airline known for its friendly staff — hires for cultural fit, while McKinsey — one of the world’s most reputable consulting firms — prizes analytic ability and talent. But, the smartest managers will look for something that doesn’t show up on resumes, can’t be measured on tests and cannot be taught or learned. Hunger. To have an employee that is driven, relentless and highly focused, hire someone who is hungry… hungry to succeed.
So, how do you spot ‘hunger’? Continue reading

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Best Advice for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

People are launching businesses and side businesses in greater numbers than ever before. The economic and technological conditions are ripe for it. But, even in the gig economy, starting a new business is challenging. Each new business presents a unique set of challenges. While there are countless resources on how to start and manage a business, it can still be as grueling, scary and lonely as crossing an ocean alone. For entrepreneurs who accept the challenge, here is advice on what is needed to succeed in business. Continue reading

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