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September 2019

How Selective Blindness Can Affect Business

Have you ever looked for your house keys but didn’t see them even though they were in plain sight? Or ever been so focused on your phone or computer that you didn’t see something else that moved directly into your line of vision? Or have you reviewed an email you wrote but did not catch an obvious, embarrassing spelling error? These are forms of selective blindness; things that the eyes perceive but the mind does not receive. Most people experience these mental blind spots. But, why?

More importantly, how might ‘not seeing what’s right in front of you’ affect leadership and business decisions? Continue reading

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How to Manage Business during a Crisis, Part 2

Knowing how to manage business during a crisis is best learned BEFORE there is a crisis. Given how many different kinds of situations can potentially develop into a crisis for any business, from weather and strikes to ethics violations and tech glitches, it’s important to prepare for and know how to handle the metaphorical hurricane before being caught in the eye of the storm. So what are the 10 best practices for managing business during a crisis? Last week, we looked at five. Here are another five. Continue reading

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How to Manage Business during a Crisis, Part 1

It’s hurricane season. For businesses on the coast, a crisis may be looming on the horizon. But even companies far from the coast will likely face a crisis at some point… as a result of Mother Nature or some reason. It’s not just possible; it’s probable. It might be something small like equipment failure at a manufacturing plant. Or it could be something truly catastrophic, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. No matter how much a company safeguards against calamities, it is impossible to avoid every possible problem. But there are 10 best practices for managing business during a crisis. Do you know them? Continue reading

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Will Your Company Dare to be Different? Part 2

If being unique and standing out is essential in today’s noisy, competitive marketplace, how does a company go about differentiating itself? That’s the challenge and that’s also where the magic is. Has your company differentiated itself? If not, here’s how. Continue reading

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