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February 2020

Social Media Etiquette for Professionals

‘To post or not to post’, that is the question. Or more accurately, ‘what is ok to post or not to post’? For most professionals, it is a balancing act between one’s views and values and those of the employer. The guidance most organizations give is “don’t post anything inappropriate, disparaging or insulting.” But that leaves a lot of room for interpretation and error. And, many employers don’t provide any social media guidance at all. Employees are told to use their judgment, which is risky. How does someone decide what’s to okay to post on social media? Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Your Brand?

How well do you know your company’s brand? Mission. Vision. Motto or defining value. Slogan. Tagline. Dominant selling idea or positioning statement. Does every person at the company know it thoroughly? Whether it is the owner, a C-Suite leader, a middle manager or a rank-and-file employee — from the receptionist to the top decision-maker — every person that works at a company should understand the identity of the company’s brand much the way you’d know the details about a best friend, child or life partner. Name, occupation, character, personality, values and qualities. So how well do you know yours? If you were given a grade on your brand knowledge, would you get an A or an F?

Take our Brand Quiz to see how well you score. Continue reading

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Servant Leadership, Part 2

What companies often have in abundance is managers. What they often lack is true leaders. Leadership is different from management. It is not only more rare, it is also more valuable. While there is a glut of ideas and approaches to leadership being touted by educators, pundits and the media, one of the most effective is Servant Leadership. That is because the Servant Leader is the antithesis of how so many people in positions of power lead. Here’s how they are different and the top 10 qualities needed to be a Servant Leader. Continue reading

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Servant Leadership, Part 1

Are you a Servant Leader? Should you be? Is that leadership approach more effective than others? What does it even mean? While the term Servant Leadership sounds like a contradiction in terms, this leadership philosophy — first popularized in modern business management circles in the 1970s — actually dates back hundreds if not thousands of years and has been adopted by many highly successful people across a multitude of industries and sectors. Here’s the scoop on what a Servant Leader is and why it can revolutionize your business. Continue reading

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