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April 2020

Using Time Wisely During Shelter-in-Place, Part 2

The global economy is in the midst of a perfect storm. Some businesses are dropping anchor. Others are scrambling to find a safe port to dock. Still others are have no choice but to sail through the storm. There is no shortage of advice about what to do or not do to get through this unprecedented gale. The challenge is in analyzing the mountains of advice to extract the most useful information. To use this time wisely and focus on what most needs to be done, here are the top four strategies suggested by some reputable business experts, journals and business schools. Continue reading

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Using Time Wisely During Shelter-in-Place, Part 1

Are you one of the many waiting for the shelter-in-place order to lift and have some unexpected “free” unproductive time? While companies are forced to stop or close temporarily, professionals and business execs may find themselves in the unusual position of having some extra time on their hands. Well, this is not a time to hibernate, chillax or stream movies like a giant couch potato. For business leaders, execs, managers and working professionals, there are only two good uses for this “extra time.” Either learning or improving the business. We will talk about the latter in the next Monday Mornings article. But first, let’s start learning. Continue reading

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How to De-Stress in times of Anxiety, Uncertainty and Fear

Feel stressed? Probably. There are many reasons to feel anxiety and fear these days. Life was already pretty hectic and stressful even before the global health emergency. So it makes perfect sense to feel even more stressed now. And, it is collective. Practically everyone everywhere is affected. There is no downplaying the seriousness of the situation. But, how you handle all this anxiety, uncertainty and fear matters. Unrelenting and unrelieved stress can also make you sick. No one should survive the Covid-19 pandemic and die of Stress-2020. Just as everyone is following the directives to distance, they should also take steps to relieve stress. Continue reading

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