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May 2020

Reimagining Business for the Age of Contagion

What will the business world look like by Summer or Fall of 2020? That is uncertain. Required or recommended measures are still unclear and evolving. What is fairly certain is that it’s unlikely to look or function the same as it did a year ago. Work spaces, employee behavior and processes have already changed and will likely adjust further or be replaced as a “new normal” emerges that is focused on increasing hygiene and reducing the spread of germs for customers and employees alike. Here are things to consider as businesses prepare to reopen in the age of contagion. Continue reading

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Ten Business Etiquette Tips for Video Conferencing in a Post-Covid World

Sheltering-in-place and social distancing has forced many to work from home. Video conferencing – which used to be the path of last resort for professional meetings – has now become ubiquitous and necessary. While video conference providers abound and the technology is robust, the bigger adjustment has been in getting people to know how to use all of the features of the system and adapt to an online professional environment. Stories of video conferencing and webinar gaffes abound. Here are ten etiquette tips for how to video conference like a pro in the virtual business world. Continue reading

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Accept Change and Adapt in Uncertain Times

These are certainly uncertain times. It’s been a very long time since the entire world has been so deeply and thoroughly affected and afflicted by a single, common factor. And, many are still in shock by this sudden, seismic disturbance upending every aspect of daily life. There will likely be profound, long-term adjustments to most aspects of daily life. Work life. Home. Travel. Relationships. Religion. Government. Healthcare. Education. That said, those who accept change and are flexible, nimble and adapt fastest will likely fare best. For a lesson on adaptability, it’s time to revisit an old business book and its newly published sequel, timed perfectly for these uncertain times. Continue reading

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