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August 2020

Staying Positive When Bad Things Happen – Part 2

Using a Setback as a Springboard to Success

Bad things happen to good people. And when it does, it can feel like a disaster. For example, for most people, hearing the words ‘we’re going to have to let you go’ feels like a gut punch. But it doesn’t have to feel that way. What if that so-called “bad thing” was just the gateway to something much better? It would be so much easier to view a “rejection” as a “redirection” to something better, and used it as an educational experience and fuel for future success.  Continue reading

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Staying Positive When Bad Things Happen – Part 1

Bad things happen, even to good people. And, it can seem like a catastrophe when things go wrong — like the loss of a job, an account or a business — especially through no fault or wrongdoing. But, even if it seems like the end of the world, it’s usually not. In fact, for many, going through a big trial often leads to something even better down the road. Here are some inspiring stories of some people who had big career setbacks and went on to greatness. Read more. Continue reading

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The Value of Plan B

Business managers are expected to plan their weeks, months and quarters. VPs and Directors create department plans for the year ahead. And business owners and C-Suite execs will even create five-year plans. But planning always involves guesstimates and assumptions and never includes a crystal ball. So what happens when Plan A goes awry? What is a business exec to do when the best laid plans go down the economic drain… or get blown away by Mother nature… or get put on viral life support… what then? That’s when Plan B comes in handy. Does your department, division or company have a Plan B…or more than one? Continue reading

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The Power of Podcasting, Part 4

Promoting a Podcast Properly

Plan. Record. Publish…. Wait, not so fast. For companies that have decided to enter the world of podcasting (as a marketing strategy), there is typically a deep urgency to start publishing podcasts right away. But to have the most successful podcast possible, there is a need to plan promotion efforts carefully prior to launch. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Here are some tried and tested tips for promoting a new podcast program. Continue reading

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The Power of Podcasting, Part 3

Getting Started

Podcasts are hot, and your company has decided to dip a toe in podcasting waters. Now what? There’s a lot to do and decisions to make. Set goals. Choose a concept. Select a name. Decide on content. Pick gear. Select a DAW (aka Digital Audio Workstation… software to edit files). Determine the style or format. Establish staffing to handle hosting, recording, editing and promotion. Create a show jingle and cover. Select publishing platforms. Plan promotion efforts. Just getting started can be a lot of work and it can feel overwhelming. No worries. Here are the steps to get started. Continue reading

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