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September 2020

Courageous Leadership: Spotting and Developing Potential – Part 2

Courage is unlikely to be the first skill listed when discussing great leaders. But it is a key skill for spotting and developing potential, which is fundamentally what a leader is supposed to do. And – given the current economic turmoil and uncertainty and the increasingly fast pace at which the world is changing — it is an invaluable skill for every business leader today. So what does it take to develop the kind of courage needed to succeed in business today? Continue reading

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Courageous Leadership: The #1 Skill for Times of Great Change and Turmoil – Part 1

When asked about the skills of a leader, seldom is the word ‘courage’ mentioned. To describe leadership, we usually hear words like: driven, visionary, humble, self-aware, decisive, inspirational, honest, steadfast, good listener, motivator, passionate, positive and focused. And, when it comes to leadership in business, courage is almost never on the list of skills that great leaders possess. In fact, courage is thought of more as a character trait – the ‘either you’ve got it or you don’t’ kind – than a skill that can be learned and cultivated. And yet, courage is arguably the most valuable, learnable skill needed in leaders today. Here’s why. Continue reading

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