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Why Personality Type Matters at Work – Part 4

Are you open to new experiences? Open to change? Open to new ideas? Being “open” or “open-minded” seems about as positive a trait as a person can demonstrate. No one brags about being “closed.” Closed-minded. Closed off to relationships. Closed to innovation. And yet – like all aspects of personality – openness exists on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum are those people who are analytical and like routine. On the other end are those who embrace creativity, change and experimentation. Some people are just more open than others. So should that affect hiring? When it comes to openness, finding the right person for the job requires understanding the job and the applicant. Continue reading

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Why Personality Type Matters at Work – Part 3

Some think that if something is good, twice as much of it is twice as good. But when it comes to personality traits, this is not necessarily true. Personality traits all exist on a scale, with the trait manifesting from very little to a whole lot on a spectrum. Often, being on either end of that spectrum can be problematic. In the hiring process, it helps to know how the skills and demands of the job fit with personality, and hire the person with the personality traits that best fit the job. That’s true even for a positive trait such as conscientiousness.

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Why Personality Type Matters at Work – Part 2

It makes sense that every employer wants to hire people who are agreeable. Agreeableness, after all, is a good thing. Agreeableness plays a huge part in how well people get along with clients, colleagues, vendors, managers and coworkers. So, it stands to reason that employers would want to only hire people who are highly agreeable. Right? Not so fast. It is not always good to hire highly agreeable people. Like all aspects of personality, agreeableness is a scale and it affects how effective people are at their jobs. So how agreeable do we want coworkers to be, and is it the same for everyone in every job? Why would anyone want coworkers who are less agreeable? Here’s the scoop on agreeableness.

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Why Personality Type Matters at Work – Part 1

While most people know a little about personality types, the nuances may not be crystal clear. But this is something everyone should understand. Why? First, each person should know their own personality traits. It can mean the difference between being stuck doing a job that is draining and uninspiring and doing one that energizes and excites. Second, everyone should be able to spot what personality traits others possess, especially at work. For companies, understanding and hiring for personality can transform an organization with skyrocketing turnover to one with hand-in-glove staffing. Let’s look at one of the five major personality traits – introversion/extroversion.

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