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Driving Your “Me” with Your “My”, Part 2

Companies and professionals need to look out for their financial well-being. And, we hear a lot of talk about companies and individuals also needing to pay attention to the well-being of their community and planet. While it used to be widely believed these goals were at cross-purposes, there is a new thinking that individuals can do well and do good at the same time: prioritizing profits, people and planet; where what I do for “me” also benefits “my planet and my people.” What are the five different business models that embrace doing good and doing well?

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Driving Your “Me” with Your “My”, Part 1

Some businesses and business professionals are driven by either a deep desire to “do well”…. succeed, make money, achieve fame, gain power, etc. Others are driven to “do good”… help the needy, make the world a better place, solve major problems, etc. Those may seem like opposites pulling in different directions. One is self-focused – Me, Me, Me — and one is other-centered – My, My, My (planet, community, country, people). But perhaps those two motivations don’t have to be at odds. Maybe they can actually fuel one another in a virtuous cycle. Some business are doing just that; letting their “My” elevate their “Me”.

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Why Personality Type Matters at Work – Part 5

“Let’s hire someone who is highly neurotic” said no hiring manager ever. If openness and conscientiousness are the areas of personality for which people want to score on the high end of the spectrum, then neuroticism is the area of personality for which people want to be on the low end. This is the area of personality that reflects the extent to which someone experiences negative emotions including fear, sadness, anxiety, guilt, and shame. But it is a term that is misunderstood. Like all areas of personality, each person’s personality falls somewhere on the neuroticism spectrum. In that sense, we are a little more or a little less neurotic. And like all other areas, there are jobs that are better suited for those who are more, or less, neurotic.

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