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September 2021

Forgiveness in the Workplace

Forgiveness is not something that is typically addressed in workplaces. Yet, most people spend at least a third to a half of all their waking hours working. A large part of a working person’s daily interactions are with bosses, direct reports, colleagues, customers and vendors. And, where there are relationships, there are surely miscommunications, conflicts, faux pas, misunderstandings and offenses. The greater the pressures, deadlines and stakes of the job, the greater the chance for lapses, hurt feelings and wrongs. So how should workers and workplaces handle situations that call for pardons and reconciliation? Should forgiveness be part of workplace culture and training? Continue reading

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Ten Tips to Achieve Greater Professional Happiness and Sense of Purpose

Everyone wants to be happy. And with Rosh Hashanah having just passed, it is a time when many give a lot of thought on how to achieve greater happiness in the year ahead. For many, a big part of happiness comes from having a sense of purpose about their work. So, if happiness and purpose are the goals, it helps to understand how to achieve those goals. Here are a few tips to boost your professional happiness and sense of purpose.

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