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Elevating Ordinary Moments to Create Extraordinary Experiences for Clients and Employees – Part 1

Want to dazzle clients? Looking for ways to thrill and engage employees? Stop settling for the same-old, same-old programs, awards, and gifts that have long since stopped being exciting and delighting. There is a way to “create” extraordinary moments for customers and staff alike. Here’s how! Continue reading

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What To Do (and Not Do) When An Employee Resigns

Employees resign for a multitude of reasons. The reasons vary… and they matter! And how the employer handles the employee’s exit matters even more. After all, every employee that resigns is free to share his/her uninhibited thoughts about the company to anyone who asks or listens, including posting their review on sites like Glassdoor. How an employer handles resignations deeply influences what former employees say about the company. Therefore, it is vital to handle employee resignations with finesse!

Here’s what to do — and what not to do — when an employee resigns! Continue reading

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10 Ways for Companies to Help Staff Grow and Develop – Part 2

Growth is an inherent part of human DNA. Employees want to wake up every day knowing that there are opportunities ahead. They want to know they have not yet reached their full potential. Today, for most people to be happy and stay put at a job, their employer must provide opportunities for growth and development. Work needs to challenge and stimulate the mind, body and soul. Last week, we looked at five strategies companies are adopting to help staff grow and develop.
Here are another five strategies companies can implement to keep employees challenged and growing. Continue reading

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10 Ways for Companies to Help Staff Grow and Develop – Part 1

Employees are the most important resource of any company. Employee turnover is expensive and strong employee retention of top talent is a competitive advantage in what is now the tightest job market of the 21st century. Companies are doing all they can to keep employees happy…. and employees want to work for companies that invest in their growth and development. For employers, that is a smart investment since it is a fringe benefit that directly benefits employer and employee…. while helping grow employee loyalty. So what steps are top companies taking to helping their staff grow and develop?
Here are the top 10 strategies to grow and develop staff!
Read More. Continue reading

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It’s A Matter of Time

Life is short and the average person has about 50 productive years. So how well are you managing that time? Are you highly focused and productive every single day? Or are some days uber productive and other days wasteful and inefficient? Or worse still, do weeks come and go without focus or purpose, filled with countless wasteful tasks?
Given how precious time is, it’s a shame to waste any of it. Here are some quick tips on how to amp up your time management! The five minutes you spend reading this now will save you tons of time long-term. Continue reading

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Thinking Errors and Business: Confirmation Bias, Part 2

Some of the biggest business catastrophes were caused – in part — by Confirmation Bias. The Great Depression. The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. The Real Estate Crash of 2008.
Our desire to be ‘right’ is so strong that we are ALL swayed by info that validates what we already think and believe and ignore anything that contradicts that. The problem is that any decision based on such information is likely to be flawed. For business, that spells Trouble.
So how has this common thinking error affected business in the past and how can leaders avoid it? Continue reading

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Thinking Errors and Business: Confirmation Bias, Part 1

Are you a rational decision-maker? Do you behave in ways that maximize your company’s advantage? Do you strive to minimize costs and risks? If you think so, you are likely mistaken. Every person’s thought process is fraught with over 180 different thinking errors that drive behavior.

One common thinking error is Confirmation Bias, and it’s a doozy!
Just what is Confirmation Bias and how does it affect business?
Continue reading

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Thinking Errors and Business: Negativity Bias – Part 2

One thinking error that deeply affects every person’s perceptions and behavior is Negativity Bias. Last week, we looked at what Negativity Bias is and how it affects business. While Negativity Bias profoundly affects business in the areas of strategic planning, employee satisfaction, retention and productivity and customer behavior, the good news is that it can be overcome.
Here are 5 ways to mitigate the effect of Negativity Bias on yourself, your staff and your customers. Continue reading

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Thinking Errors and Business: Negativity Bias – Part 1

The human mind is hard-wired for survival. That is good… but it can also be bad for us. This neurological wiring includes hidden biases that deeply affect every person’s perceptions and behavior. One such thinking error is Negativity Bias. Negativity Bias can be particularly harmful to business. So, what is Negativity Bias and in what ways does it hurt business? Read More. Continue reading

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How to Decrease Decision Fatigue

The average person makes 35,000 decisions every day. It’s exhausting! More importantly, the quality of those decisions deteriorates the more decisions are made in a day. That’s right… making good decisions affects the ability to make more good decisions. Toward the end of an eight or 10-hour workday, a person is likely to make a larger number of irrational decisions. It’s called Decision Fatigue. Those irrational decisions can have a profound effect on business. But there are ways to decrease Decision Fatigue. Continue reading

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